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Business Cards (cartes de visite)


Let VillageVues create a custom business card design for you. Give us your details, a photo, whatever you think you would like on a card to convey your image here in France!

And, make it easy for your friends to add your contact information into their electronic address books with a QR code on the back. Or a map of your location so that they can find you and businesses can deliver to the correct address.



New design and 80 cards: 95 €

Reprints (80 cards) 25 €


(Includes shipping in France. Additional charges may apply for other countries)




Note Cards and Stationery


In the digital age it's still great to be able to send a personalized note card to someone you care about, want to thank, or just to say hello.

Take the custom design from your business card and turn it into A6 (10.5 x 14.8 cm) note cards. Not getting business cards? Then we'll start the design now.



New design and 20 cards: 95 €

Reprints (20 cards) 25 €

Using existing business card design w/20 cards: 65 €


(Includes shipping in France. Additional

charges may apply for other countries)



Marketing Materials for Your Business


How customers view you is tantamount to your business success. A crisp clean logo, business cards that impress, and impactful materials that convey your exact message in a way that your potential customers can understand and appreciate. And, in today's electronic world, those 'materials' aren't just on paper!

VillageVues will work with you to develop a graphic image and then carry it over to business cards, letterhead, fliers, brochures... all the way to your complete internet presence.


Pricing: Inquire

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