How to Place an Order

It's easy...

Contact me and arrange your purchase.

Okay the exact cost via email.

Receive and pay an email invoice via PayPal.

Receive your purchase.

It's easy to purchase from VillageVues. Since few of my offerings have fixed prices, setting up an 'etail' shopping cart didn't seem like a productive idea. So, here is what will happen.

After I've received your request for a product (calendars) or service (just about everything else) I will send you an email with the exact cost. Reply with an 'okay' and I will have PayPal invoice you for the agreed upon amount.

PayPal is very easy to use with your regular credit cards or a PayPal account and, most importantly, they provide their own secure site. PayPal will invoice you in local currency and it just takes a few minutes to complete the transaction.

Once I've received notification of the transaction I will email, ship, or electronically transfer (FTP) your purchase to you.

Rather not use a credit card or make a transaction over the internet?


For purchases made in my local area (Hauts-de-Seine) I will accept personal checks drawn on a French bank (or cash if I'm meeting directly with you). If this is your desire we can work out the details via email or in person!

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