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Download installation  instructions

Custom Facebook Covers

... Twitter, too!


Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites in the world. If you belong, adding a custom Facebook cover gives your home page that added extra!

VillageVues will take your photograph(s) and ideas and design that special cover. We can also supply artwork and additional photos if you require.



Custom Facebook Cover: 75 €

Custom Twitter Cover: 75 €

Both for: 95 €



Download installation  instructions

ICE Wallpaper for Your iPhone or iPad


Let's face it, you look at the start up screen on your phone many times a day. Treat yourself to a custom wallpaper design. Then, to make it even better, add ICE.

Ice stands for In Case (of) Emergency. It appears on your phone as soon as it's turned on whether or not the phone is  password protected.

VillageVues will use a picture from you (or provide one), create the wallpaper, email it to you and provide written instructions on how to load it onto your phone or tablet.



iPhone or iPad: 35 €

Both for: 50 €


Available for iPhone 4 & 5 and all iPads including iPad Mini




(Ask about other phones and tablets)

Blog Pages


A lot of people are blogging these days and being in a foreign country just begs you to set up a blog and let everyone you know what's going on in your life!

Part of setting up a blog should include a great look and feel. A header (similar to a Facebook "cover" picture) can add a feeling of elegance, lifestyle... whatever way you imagine yourself and want your friends to see.

Let VillageVues take you through the process: from the look and feel to the actual blog.


Pricing: Starting at: 195 €



Nancy's Paris Blog


My wife has been exploring Paris and the surrounding area for sixteen years now and she's going to share information on museums, tours, and whatever else she does when she disppears almost every day. Stay tuned!



Up and coming author? Getting your book published is easier than ever! Let VillageVues take your manuscript and create an eBook complete with illustrations (if needed) ready to upload on the web or publish as a free or paid iPad app (with or without an iPhone app).


Pricing: Inquire

Apps for iPad and iPhone


Want to publish an iPad or iPhone app for your art or photo gallery, business, group or just about anything else? We can build that app for you and arrange for it to be it published in the Apple Apps store.


Pricing: Inquire

Website Design


The importance of having an internet presence only keeps growing. And it's not just being there. In today's competitive world you need to have a website that looks great, is extremely easy to navigate and one that makes updates simple to accomplish.

Let VillageVues create your website using up-to-the-minute web creation tools from Adobe. We'll take your ideas, make concept drawings, build your site and publish it either as html code that you can provide to your host provider or as a complete hosted and managed site with timely refreshes.


Pricing: Inquire

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