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Some things to think about when selecting pictures for a slideshow


Less is better! Do your relatives and friends really want to spend an hour looking at your vacation to Bali? You can send me all the photos you want but I will selectively choose ones that really tell the story. You'll have a chance to debate the merits of the ones I select before everthing is finalized but as a rule of thumb don't plan on more than about 10 minutes (at the most) to tell your story. If the photos are set to change at a pleasant viewing speed that still means 50 or so pictures! If you're planning on using the slideshow on YouTube or another social media site you should consider having the entire show less than 5 to 8 minutes.

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Selecting pictures for photobooks


The size (and cost) of a completed photobook depends entirely on the number of photos you want to include. Like slideshows, most people tend to select too many (see the above FAQ on slideshows).

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Custom calendar photo shoots


Getting beautiful photos for a custom calendar means not only photographing the room but also the sunlight flowing in through the windows. As you may have noticed, this area is not the best to depend on for a bright sunny day! If for some reason on the day of the arranged photo session the weather is really terrible I will contact you as early as possible and ask if you want to go ahead or reschedule for (hopefully) a better day. It will be your choice.

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Custom calendar projects may need some forward planning


Let's say you want a custom calendar for your school. First, contact me as early as possible. You should really get started the prior year. Take plenty of pictures each month since lessons and activities revolve around the school year. For example, those Christmas pageant photos that would be really great for a December calendar photo spread can't be taken in December if you want a calendar that is completed and printed for the start of the school year in August or September. They have to be taken the year before! It's best if you can get your teachers involved and ask them to take pictures in their classrooms on a continual basis. Not every day... but when something interesting is occuring. There are lots of things to think about. Talk to me and we can sort them out in the proper timeframe.

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