Book Design &

Digital Publishing


Coffee table books radiate elegance and are available from VillageVues using your favorite pictures in a custom layout to suit your style.

Available in several different formats, page sizes and page counts they make great gifts for family and close friends and a cherished memory!



Graphic Design


Need a logo, brochures and other marketing materials, business card design, custom note cards, stationary or maybe just a Facebook or blog header? VillageVues can work with you to achieve exactly what you need for your business or personal image.





Photography is a necessary part of company brochures and just about any visual offering. We can shoot images for stand-alone use or for incorporation into brochures and other marketing materials.



Video Production


Video is an integral part of today's life. Whether you need a corporate demo clip to sell your product or just a family movie to send... VillageVues can make it happen!



App Development


Want to publish an iPad® or iPhone® app for your art or photo gallery, business, group or just about anything else? We can build that app for you and arrange for it to be it published in the Apple® Apps store.



Navigating French Markets


If you are new to France this iOS app for Apple iPhones® and iPads® will help you to get started in one of the most enjoyable aspects of French life... the French market!


And, if you are living or touring here it will help you on your daily market visits.


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Website Design


The importance of having an internet presence only keeps growing. And it's not just being there. In today's competitive world you need to have a website that looks great, is extremely easy to navigate and one that makes updates simple to accomplish.



Wood Design & Production


Want something designed and fabricated in wood? Look no further than VillageVues! We can take your idea, create a design and fabricate it in nature's own beauty.

From custom spice racks to barrister bookcases, engraved wooden signs, desks and children's wood toys with a personalized touch.



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